Crash Course to Positional Play: Part 1 of 4

It's Just a Sport...

As some of you may know, I have recently written an article for These Football Times on one of my footballing heroes, Juan Manuel Lillo. For me, he is one of the most inspirational and innovative characters in modern football. He is not only considered one of the founding fathers of positional play, but he founded it in a way which went against the current of football at that time.

During the process of writing my Lillo homage, I exhaustively researched his ideas through interviews, articles, and essays, to better understand the man that has been so influential to how football is played today. Naturally, in my research I came across countless concepts regarding positional play. This led me down the rabbit hole of the ambiguity that is ‘Juego de Posicion’.

During my time in Spain, I have studied and worked with some brilliant coaches who are proponents of positional…

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Red card salute, swear jar donations help fund for slain Michigan ref

DCFC putting their foul mouth to good use!


Anyone who’s been to a Detroit City FC match can testify that the club’s passionate group of supporters, the Northern Guard, have about as salty a chanting vocabulary as any in soccer. There’s even a bit of proof if you head to their bold Twitter feed.

One year after donating proceeds from their “swear jar” — this is a real thing — to U.S. veterans in their “Hooligans for Heroes” efforts, the DCFC supporters are again putting their sharp tongues to good use. This time, the profanity proceeds will go to the family of slain Michigan referee John Bieniewicz.

[ MORE: Testimony in death of Michigan referee provides disturbing glimpse into incident ]

[ VIDEO: Detroit City draw 3,000+ for match. Impressed? ]

And that’s not all: the Detroit City fans raised money in multiple other fashions in addition to honoring Bieniewicz’s memory with a memorable, silent red card…

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